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Last Call: NYGHS Open Registration!

Hey everyone! This is our last call to sign up for the NYGHS Summer Open!!! The tournament will be taking place online, this Sunday (6/27) and next Saturday (7/3). The format of the tournament will be a Swiss and bracket-style hybrid, which will be run over two days. On the first day, this Sunday, participants will be split into divisions depending on tournament size and will play 4 rounds of a Swiss-style tournament. On the second day, July 3rd, the top players in each division will be placed into a single-elimination bracket tournament and compete to be the winner of their division. Players who get eliminated from the main bracket, as well as those who do not qualify, will have the chance to participate in a consolation bracket. Registration for the tournament is $15. There will be prizes for winners! If you would like to register or read more about the event you can find the tournament details here: We will continue accepting sign-ups until 10 AM tomorrow morning.

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