NYIG Online Class Setup Instructions

Please read through the instructions carefully. If you have played on KGS before, the following should be familiar. If you have any questions about a step, let us know. Please begin setting up at least 5 minutes before the start of class to ensure everything runs smoothly.​


  • How will we communicate during the class? All classes will use a video call. If you like to ensure the internet is stable, no camera is needed. We will be using Zoom, join the online class call: 

    • Group Class Meeting ID: 845 9344 8400, Password: 692688

    • Private Class Meeting ID: 889 6201 5043, Password: 609924

  • How do I set up a KGS account? KGS can be download here: www.gokgs.com/

    • After downloading the server (ONLY works on computers), click “play on KGS”. If this is your first time visiting KGS, pick a username and type it in the “Name” field. Then press the “Guest” button.


After you press “Guest”, the message will show up (left), then follow the right picture and click “register”.


Then it will bring you to the page below. You must fill out your email address. After you fill out your email address, click “ok”. Then you will receive an email with a temporary password.


Then, close KGS and re-login with your temporary password (below).


After you login, you can change the temporary password (below):

  • Where are the classes held? 

    • On KGS, in the “NYIG Room”


If the NYIG Room does not show on the tabs, Go to “Rooms” > “Rooms List” > “Clubs” > “NYIG” > press “join”.

  • How to find the instructor's demonstration room on KGS? 

    • Before the class starts, the instructor will create the room and the room will show on the list. Each student needs to double click to enter the demonstration room.


The demonstration room will have a “P” on the left side, beside the instructor’s username.

Instructors KGS usernames:

  • Stephanie Yin: Mingming77

  • Ryan Li: Crazywind


If you or your child has never done this before, we recommend practicing for 5-10 minutes to familiarize yourself and your child with this. This is not difficult, but it will be much more difficult when you run into a problem during class.

Please find the instruction here for creating a game on KGS: www.ny-go.org/kgs-game-setup