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How to Install Fox Go Server on a PC


  1. Download the Foxweiqi installation (“install.exe”) file.Link: download link:

  2. Double click "install.exe" and click "Install". The installation process should be automatic.

  3. The Fox Go Server will launch after installation. If the language is not in English, change it using the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen, using the second option on the left.

How to Install Fox Go Server on a Mac (no dual boot or virtual machine)

Notes by: Ryan

WARNING: Does not work for OS X Catalina or later.

We will install Fox using wine from source. This is, in my opinion, much simpler than dealing with the packaged “wineskin”. Don’t worry if some coding parts do not make too much sense, just copy, paste, press enter, and keep going. Code is in yellow shading.


  1. Download the Foxweiqi installation (“install.exe”) file.
    Direct download link:
    Save/move it to your Desktop (the rest of guide assumes this file is on your Desktop).

  2. Open the terminal application.
    Use the spotlight search for “Terminal” (usually the default hotkey is Command + Space). From now on we will mostly be working on the terminal app.

  3. Install Homebrew (
    We will be using Homebrew to install the wineskin application, to host our windows application. Homebrew is a convenient package manager written in ruby used to cleanly install a variety of applications. I highly recommend it for all Mac users. In the terminal, copy and paste:

    /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

    (there is a space between “SL” and the “https…” link) and hit enter. It will prompt you to enter your password (same as your login password) and install Homebrew, giving you a bunch of gibberish along the way.

  4. Use home brew to install wine.
    Now that we have Homebrew, type:

    brew update

    This should say something like “already up to date”. Then install xquartz

    brew cask install xquartz

    Then install wine

    brew cask install wine-stable

    It may prompt you to enter your password again. “wine-stable” is a more stable version of wine compared to its “dev” version.

  5. Install Fox using wine.
    With wine stalled, change to the desktop folder with

    cd ~/Desktop/

    Now type

    wine install.exe

    A few wine installation screens will pop up - press “install” no matter what pops up. Then the fox go server installation page will show up. Press install again. Once the installation is completed, the foxweiqi application will open on the login page. You now have access to the server! Foxweiqi is now installed on your mac but it still requires a special command on terminal to run. From the terminal app, you should now be run it using

    /usr/local/bin/wine '/Users/ryan/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/foxwq/foxwq/foxwq.exe'

    to run Fox. In the command above, replace “ryan” with your own admin name.
    If you don’t know or aren’t sure what it is, open a fresh teminal and type


    which will tell you the current directory you’re in. In my case, it returned “Users/ryan”. Replace “Users/ryan” with what the pwd command returns in your case.

  6. Save a .app file for easier access.
    However, it is a bit of a hassle to run the command on terminal every time and you can bypass this by writing a simple “run” script using the script editor application, available on almost all (but the oldest) Macs. Open the “Script Editor” using spotlight search again and create a new document and select “AppleScript”. Then paste the following

    tell application "Terminal"
        do script "/usr/local/bin/wine '/Users/ryan/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/foxwq/foxwq/foxwq.exe' &> /dev/null"
    end tell

    Again, replace “/Users/ryan” with the output you get after running pwd in your Desktop folder. The "do script" line is indented with a tab. Save the script as an Application (Make sure you select this file format!) anywhere you’d like. I saved it in my Applications and named it “foxweiqi”.

    You can now use the spotlight search “foxweiqi” to run it. Each time a new terminal window will open, but hopefully it is only a slight annoyance – you can now play on the most popular Go server in Asia with your favorite work computer.

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